Joel’s Place
is an Indoor Skate Park and Youth Center located in Fairbanks. Our mission is to provide creative, adventurous, adrenalin seeking youth a good, positive outlet for their energy.


How cold is too cold to come to Joel’s Place?  See that Temperature to the left?  If that is colder than -40 at 1pm, Joel’s Place will be closed for the day.  We will leave a message on our voicemail confirming this, but the first step is to look at this page on cold days.

Cold Weather Policy part 2!

The second part of this cold weather policy concerns road safety.  If it is too slippery or there is too much ice fog, the school district will cancel school for the day.  When school is cancelled, Joel’s Place is closed.  You can follow this link to the school district website to find out if school is open or not.

I know that the streets by your house are probably fine or the weather will probably improve by 3pm.  It will probably also get worse by closing time and we have a lot of inexperienced drivers who will need to get home in the dark on nasty roads.  It will be much safer for everyone if you just stay home and wait until the driving conditions improve.



Fall / Winter Hours 

Mon-Fri – 3pm-9pm

Saturday – 3pm-11pm

See our calendar for complete session information